“…give it some WUMA!”

The first flavor of the WUMA drink is called “NAM FLAVA”! Just like the music that EES is doing – this flava of energy drink will give you what you expect from our international kwaito sensation: …A BOTTLE FULL OF REFRESHING POWER!


This is a very unique taste of passion fruit mix - and even if you try to say - "..WUMA tastes like.....!" you will not be able to finish the sentence - since WUMA tastes like nothing you have ever tried before. We took a long research time to find that unique flava of power drink. So old or young - or in-between, you will like the taste of WUMA, and you will like the energy it will give you to go out into life and PLAY more! You are more than welcome to give us your feedback or share your special WUMA experience with us at: